Sunday, 11 April 2010

A Pain in the Bolkans

Imagine a world almost like ours,but not quite.... That is the premise for the Interbellum imagi-nations blog. Creating a wargaming world set in the 1920s-1940s where you aren't tied to the orthodox, no complaints that you've painted your Guard Marine Grenadiers with five buttons on their sleeves instead of two! Well here is mine.....

The Rhue River War

With the collapse of the Holy Roman Empire after the Great War, several small countries emerged from the Empire's provinces. These countries were largely based around specific ethnic groups but the Treaty of Triang-Hornby (1920),where the victorious allies fixed the borders to prevent the Empire's revival, left everyone unhappy and determined to recover what they perceived to be their true territorial boundaries. With the rise of fascism and re-armament by the likes of Germany and Italy the Powers are distracted and perhaps the time is right for certain petty states to seek their place in the sun.

The Brobdingnag Union
Capital: Boughre. Population: unknown.
Vaguely Republican with a consensus government made up from representatives from the five Vilayets (counties) of the Union, nominally headed by a President who is usually just a figurehead.

Southernmost of the former HRE's provinces, Brobdingnag was once the old military frontier, inhabited by fierce mountain tribes performing military service in return for land and a series of major fortresses , home to Imperial settlers. This has produced a poor country with little industry but it controls the rail and river links from the old imperial lands to the outside world. The armed forces are tough but backward, lacking almost everything that is required by a modern army. However, alarmed by their neighbour's posturings the Union is seeking to upgrade its' forces.

Kingdom of Ainamor
Capital: St.Pode de Vache. Population: about 5 million.
A constitutional monarchy, headed by King Mikhaelus, scion of the former ruling family from the German Principality of Grossgottnein.

Claiming Latin descent, the Ainamor Kingdom was previously the semi-independent Woijvode of Ain which incorporated various slivers of the HRE. With strong connections to Italy and Rumania, the Kingdom has seen major industrial investment based on numerous hydro-electric projects originally started by the Imperials. Unfortunately, this is being hampered by the lack of decent rail and river connections to the sea with Ainamor being reliant on the ramshackle and incompetent Union transport network. Having failed to buy control of these from Brobdingnag, the King has hinted in his weekly radio broadcasts that other solutions are being sought.......

The Republic of Latviestonakia
Capital: Wzjldgj. Population: about 2 million.
Officially a democratic republic but currently ruled by a triumvirate of Field Marshals.

The bulk of the country lies on the edge of the Great European plain that stretches all the way to the Urals. Once forming the HRE's gateway to the east, the Republic now looks more like somewhere waiting to be swallowed up by the neighbours, such as Russia. Blocked from expanding into the former empire by the Central North Western Mountains, snowbound for six months in a year, or more specifically by the heavily fortified passes, the only direction to go is south; there lies the little mountain enclave of Kondatka County, a salient into the Union's lands.

This is the setting for what promises to be A Grand Little War.


  1. Prometteur !

    Heureux de te découvrir sur Interbellum : un battle gamer Français, ça n'est déjà pas si commun, mais un joueur Français pour qui "Imagi-Nation" (ou même simplement "imagination"...) n'est pas un gros mot, alors ça c'est une surprise!

    Une suggestion, si je puis me permettre (je sais, je suis un maniaque de l'archivage !): comme tu envisages de traiter différentes périodes ("Dispersion ! Acht ! Gross malheur !" - "Combien de joueurs, combien de wargamers qui se sont lancés joyeux dans des époques lointaines..."), 'libeller' les messages faciliterait grandement l'exploitation de tes archives quand le blog aura accumulé des dizaines de messages au fil des mois et des ans. On se laisse souvent abuser par l'aspect (éphèmère) d'un blog perçu comme un "journal": mais les messages passés représentent une véritable 'bibliothèque', précieuse aussi bien pour le 'vétéran' cherchant à retrouver une référence que pour le 'novice' avide de découvertes et d'inspiration ! Libeller les messages peut être fait a posteriori dans le cadre d'"Editer les messages".

    Meilleurs voeux à toi et aux Bolkans,

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