Sunday, 30 September 2012

Dutch Grenadiers and Kurassiers 1831

Here are some photos of my first Dutch units for the Ten days campaign in 1831.

Dutch Grenadier Afdeeling

Raised in 1829, this two battalion "Afdeeling" guarded the royal palaces, and was present in Bruxelles at the start of the uprising and went on campaign in 1831.

 Here is one battalion. The pre-war four company organisation was dropped in favour of six, with two "Flankeur" or light infantry companies.
 The figures are modified plastic Victrix French Guard Grenadiers.
The cap plate has had the eagle removed with an attempt to add a Dutch sunburst; the bearskin had a visor added but I couldn't make one, so stuff it....... 
 The Flankeurs replaced the bearskin with a shako; these are Perry French Line heads.
The jacket/coat was red with lots of gold chest lace, but since the Dutch campaigned in greatcoats despite the summer heat you can't see it.
 Command group.
Officers are just showing the red and gold coat.

3 Kurassier Afdeeling

 The Dutch Carabinier regiments post 1815 adopted cuirasses, just like the British Lifeguards, but retained their French style carabinier helmets.
These are Perry plastic French cuirassiers, with the carabinier head sans any Napoleonic insignia and with putty/filler shoulder rolls added.  
 I did this unit first due to figure availability, however the Dutch cautiously kept their heavy cavalry in reserve during the campaign and they didn't see action; ho hum!
 Command group, but no standard as I hadn't discovered one at the time; to be rectified now. Incidentally, nevermore of the Grimsby Wargames Club made all my Dutch colours and they can be found as free down loads on their website.
 A trooper showing the additional shoulder rolls.


  1. Nice work sir, did you paint the white bands etc using paint or the pens which you have mentioned to me in the past?

  2. hello nick! nice to see your minis!! good job, very uncommon in miniatures!!!! XIX's power!!!


  3. Smillie,

    These were the white pens, and I used the gold and silver ones for braid and buttons as well.


    Good to speak mate; Thanks for that- since the French intervened in 1831, which caused the Dutch to agree a ceasefire after 10 days and then besieged Antwerp on behalf of the Belgians we might see your Algerians troops in action?