Sunday, 30 September 2012

Apologies/Mes excuses

I can't believe that it is nearly 2 1/2 years since I posted, but the outside world has a way of interfering with "real life".

This meant I have been shifting back and forth from France to the UK due to work and that looks like continuing for a bit longer; none of this has been helped by trying to DIY/bricolage the whole of our house at the same time!

Still, and bizarrely, my wargaming has actually increased largely through getting involved in 19th century European Ironclad naval stuff with the Central London Wargamers in Euston and the absolutely brilliant A Very British Civil War (AVBCW) gamers doing an imaginary 1930s civil war.

I have also started assorted other projects on Abyssinia 1935, Belgian War of Independence 1831, French colonial in Dahomey and Tonkin and the Cuban Bay of Pigs 1961, all in 20-28mm. I also succumbed the other day and bought some new Warlord 28mm French and Indian Wars figures so that is more to paint (and I had resisted that period for about 30 years, sigh).

Finally, in 54mm (1/32nd), I have started the American Rebellion (AWI for those on the wrong side of the pond) following the new HaT SYW Prussians, who will provide the British infantry element , along with other IMEX and Call to Arms figures,that has been missing from manufacturers lines for a few years. 

In the next couple of weeks I'll put some photos up and some blurb too.

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